Literary Arts

HGAC Writing Competition

2021 Haida Gwaii Arts Council Writing Competition

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR:  Your voice, your experience, your imagination, and your deep thoughts about this very strange year living in this unique part of the world. It could be a happy story, a sad story, a terrifying story—or a mixture of everything. Did you discover something important or wonderful or disturbing about yourself? How have you (or your fictional main characters) been getting along with people in your bubble? What do you or your characters think about the way the rest of the world has been reacting? Have you or your character become an online shopaholic? A daytime drinker? A languisher? An Olympian-calibre baker?

The story could be about losing touch with friends or gaining new friends in the digital world or the outside-the-post-office lineup, about the anguish of being cooped up and how people cope and overcome it—or not!

GENRE: Anything that a person could enjoy reading on the printed page: short story, essay, memoir, poem, play, song lyric, screenplay.

ENTRY INCENTIVE: Each local entrant will receive a $10 gift certificate for a local hospitality business (from Masset to Sandspit).

Writers of the top 3 adjudicated entries and honorable mentions win the opportunity to work with a professional editor to make their work publication-ready, plus a free professional writing workshop this fall. Workshop and adjudication details to come!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: August 15th, 2021

Click here to access our criteria and detailed competition guideline.

Send us an email if you have any questions or clarifications on our regulations, adjudication, or entry procedure.