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All Islands’ Art Show


The All Islands' Art Show is an annual event held to showcase the visual artists of Haida Gwaii. The adjudicated show is held at the Haida Gwaii Museum and welcomes artists working in a variety of media. A Youth All Islands' Art Show is also held on a bi-annual basis. The next youth show will be held in 2018. Contact allislandartshow@gmail.com for more information.



The exhibit is on from March 2nd to March 31st 2018  and is open during the same opening hours as the Haida Gwaii Museum (click here for more info on opening hours).  It is located in the Temporary Exhibit room and admission to this exhibit is free (Please note that Museum entrance fees still apply for visiting the rest of the Museum). Check out the 2017 catalogue.













2018 Entry Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Only one entry per artist
  • Artwork must have been created within the last 12 months
  • Entry must be original art, not created from a kit
  • Entry must not have been previously exhibited on Haida Gwaii
  • It must be framed and ready to hang *
  • You must fill in an entry form 
  • A $10 entry fee must be paid in cash or cheque made out to the Haida Gwaii Arts Council upon submission
  • Art must have a title and be accompanied by an artist's statement (link to how to write one)
  • Artwork must be dropped off during the designated drop off times
  • Artwork submitted after February 24th will not be accepted
  • Artwork must be picked up after the end of the exhibition on March31st. Artwork that has not been picked up after April 14th will be donated to the Haida Gwaii Arts Council.

See 2018 Entry Requirements for more information

* Artwork must be framed and have a means of being hung or displayed. Please remember the paint must be dry by March 3rd. Works that are not ready to hang/ install (See “Ready to Hang”) will not be accepted for the show.

Drop Off Dates

Haida Heritage Centre

Friday, February 23rd from 10am - 5pm

Saturday February 24th from 11am to 3pm



As part of our efforts to support artists on Haida Gwaii, entrants have the opportunity to discuss their work with a professional adjudicator.  For more information click here.

This years adjudicator is Alison Watt.  
 For more information on this professional artist, click here.

 Forgot what time your appointment with her is? click here for the adjudication schedule.

 If you have not registered for adjudication but wish to, please look at the schedule and find a time that is open and contact the AIAS coordinator at 
 allislandartshow@gmail.com to let her know what time you wish to see the adjudicator.  If you need to cancel your adjudication time, please let the coordinator know as
 soon as possible. 





Click here for more details about the 2018 lecture.

The adjudicator will be offering a full day workshop


Click here for more information. 



Pieces for sale may be purchased from the Museum Gift Shop and instructions for when they need to be picked up are the same as those mentioned below. 


Pick up 

Closing date for the art show is Saturday, March 31st.  The museum and artists/buyers are asked to pick up their work on March 31st.  If you are not able to pick it up on that day, please consider mandating someone to pick it up for you.  After March 31st, you can pick up your piece by booking a time between Tuesday and Friday 10 - 5 by phoning (250-559-4643) or emailing (museum@haidagwaii.net) the museum staff to schedule the pick up. For security reasons you will need to sign for your work at the museum desk or gift shop when you pick it up. If your art is not picked up before Apri1 14th, it will become the property of the Haida Gwaii Arts Council and will be sold to raise funds for the organisation or given to volunteers as a thank you gift.


Check out our photo gallery


For more information contact:

Jamie Mcdonald
All Islands’ Art Show Coordinator

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